About us



Beauty Way is a store of cosmetic chemical ingredients, organic oils and butters, salon supplies, modern cosmetology equipment, piercings, bio-epilation, and disposable items.



What does Beauty Way offer to customers?


High quality

For more than 28 years, our company has been proudly occupying an honorable place in the market, well-understanding what the customer wants and always offering them the best quality and service.

Friendly prices

With us, you will always find a profitable and realistic price that will fit your interests.



Our shop is located in the Tbilisi city center, at G. Tovstonogov str. 9, 200 meters from the Marjanishvili metro station, where you can choose and purchase any products you want.


Wide range of purchase options

In addition to the physical store, the customer has the opportunity to purchase products through our website. We have courier services throughout Tbilisi, for more convenience, payment can be made directly with the courier by bank transfer method or by cash. We send parcels to the regions by post.


Consultation of a professional beautician

When purchasing any professional cosmetics and equipment, our highly qualified beautician will provide you with a free consultation and explain the use rules.


Education Center

Along with the store, ‘Beauty Way’ offers a training academy where you can study: a practice-based modern beautician course, a manicure-pedicure, extension, and nail modeling course, and a permanent makeup course.


AISIA professional cosmetics

 A subsidiary of Beauty Way, the first Georgian professional cosmetics brand "AISIA", is the result of many years of work, formulation, and work. We are proud to step into the Georgian market in 2023 because we know that AISIA is a high-tech and professional asset-based product with European standards, which can compete with well-known foreign brands.


What does AISIA offer?